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Damac Business Tower, 15th floor
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Retrofit & Optimization

Retrofit & Optimization

Retrofit & Optimization

The retrofit and optimization of data centers have become imperative in today's ever-evolving digital landscape. As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven operations, it is essential to ensure that data centers are not only efficient but also adaptable to meet evolving technological and environmental demands.
CFS offers tailored technologies and turnkey solutions for critical infrastructures and facilities to meet business needs.

 1. Thermal Management:

Thermal management solutions are a critical aspect of ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of data centers. These solutions are designed to control and maintain the temperature and airflow within data center facilities, safeguarding sensitive and valuable equipment from overheating, while also optimizing energy usage and reducing operational costs.

In this context, CFS offers various techniques and technologies, such as Close Control Units (CCU), In-Row Cooling, Hot/Cold aisle containments, Free Cooling chillers, Evaporative Free Cooling and advanced monitoring and control solutions of thermal systems.

CFS has a pivotal role in creating an environment where data center infrastructure can perform at its best, ensuring data integrity and minimizing downtime. As data centers continue to grow in scale and complexity, innovative solutions and best practices in thermal management play a central role in meeting the increasing demands for reliability and sustainability.

 2. Critical Power:

Data Center Critical Power Solutions refer to a comprehensive suite of technologies and strategies that are specifically designed to ensure the availability, reliability, and stability of electrical power within data centers. These solutions are essential for safeguarding the continuous operation of mission-critical IT equipment, protecting against power interruptions, and optimizing energy usage. Here are some key components and critical power solutions offered by CFS in data centers:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems: UPS systems act as a first line of defense against power disruptions. They provide immediate backup power during brief outages and help ensure a smooth transition to backup generators during longer power failures. CFS provides a full range of UPS technologies to help customers improve their uptime. 
  • Backup Power Generators: Diesel generators are designed to sustain data center operations during extended power outages. CFS offers a wide range of generators capable of providing continuous power for extended periods, allowing data centers to function autonomously and without interruption.
  • Batteries: We can provide a vast range of VRLA and Lithium-Ion batteries to ensure continuous operation of the IT equipment during a power failure. 
  • DC Power Systems: CFS offers DC power Technology for telecommunication network and facilities.
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs): PDUs manage and distribute power to servers, network equipment, and other IT infrastructure. They play a critical role in ensuring that power is allocated efficiently and reliably to different devices within the data center. CFS solutions range from basic PDUs to Floor Distribution Cabinets (FDC) and Remote Power Panels (RPP) along with remote monitoring and management.
  • Electrical Panels & Busbars: CFS provides effective design and installation of electrical switchgear, distribution boards and busbars for controlling and directing electrical power within the data center.

 3. Racks & Monitoring:

Our racks are designed to house and organize various IT and networking equipment, including servers, switches, routers, storage devices, etc. We provide multiple designs and models tailored to suit your space and budget requirements.

We offer VR racks, DCM server racks, DCM collocation racks, Containments, cable management as well as Fiber runners and structured cabling solutions. 

CFS also provides Monitoring and Management solutions for data centers and critical facilities:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring.
  • Critical Assets Monitoring.
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)