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Damac Business Tower, 15th floor
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Management and operations


Management and operations

At the forefront of CFS's success is its dedicated Facility Management Team, comprising industry veterans with vast experience in data center operations and infrastructure management. Their expertise steers the company's facility-centric strategies and practices.

Operational Excellence: Emphasizing the mission-critical nature of data centers, CFS has established rigorous operational protocols. Each data center facility operates with a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and operating procedures tailored to its unique requirements, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.

Maintenance and Reliability: A cornerstone of CFS’s operational strategy is its preventative maintenance regime. Regular inspections, equipment health checks, and scheduled maintenance work ensure that all facility components, from cooling systems to power backups, function seamlessly.

On-Site Teams:CFS-managed facilities are manned by a team of on-site professionals trained to handle both routine operations and emergency scenarios. Their presence ensures immediate response and resolution to any facility-related issues.

Vendor and Partner Collaboration:CFS collaborates closely with equipment manufacturers, technology providers, and industry experts. This partnership ensures that the managed facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and benefit from ongoing industry innovations.

Sustainable Facility Operations:Sustainability is a core tenet of CFS's facility management philosophy. Operations teams are trained to implement energy-saving measures, employ sustainable technologies, and reduce the environmental impact of the facility's day-to-day functions.

Stakeholder Engagement in Facility Management:The Facility Management Team maintains open communication lines with clients, ensuring they are kept informed of their infrastructure's status, any planned maintenance activities, and innovations being incorporated into the facilities.

Continuous Improvement:Embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement, CFS's operations are always evolving. The management invests in research and technology to optimize operational methodologies and stay ahead of industry trends.